Librarian Gr.IV in Municipal Common Service

Gazette Date: 15/09/2012
Last Date: 17/10/2012
Category No: 476/2012 - 479/2012
Applications must be submitted online through the official website of the Commission
after 'ONE TIME REGISTRATION' .Candidates who have already registered can apply through
their profile

1. Department : Municipal Common Service
2. Name of Post : Librarian Gr.IV
Sl.No. Cat.No Name of Post Method of appointment
(1) 476/2012 Librarian Gr.IV Direct Recruitment
(2) 477/2012 Librarian Gr.IV
(By Transfer )
By transfer from Graduates with Degree in Library and
Information Science.
(3) 478/2012 Librarian Gr.IV
(By Transfer )
By transfer from candidates with SSLC & Diploma in
Library Science.
(4) 479/2012 Librarian Gr.IV
(By Transfer )
By transfer from candidates with SSLC & Certificate in
Library Science.
3 Scale of Pay : ` 11,620 - 20240/-
4 No.of vacancies District wise
i) Conventional type applications will be summarily rejected. Candidates shall
apply only through online application available at the Kerala Public Service
Commission website.
(ii) Separate Ranked list will be prepared for each district and for each category in
Pursuance of this notification. The ranked lists thus prepared and published
by the Commission, shall remain in force for a minimum period of one year,
subject to the condition that the said lists will continue to be in force till the
publication of new list after the expiry of the minimum period of one year or
till the expiry of three years whichever is earlier. Candidates
will be advised for appointment against the aforesaid vacancies and also
against the vacancies, if any,reported during the currency of the lists. In case
no candidate is advised from the ranked lists till the expiry of the period of
three years, the duration of the ranked list shall be extended for a further
period of one year or till at least one candidate is advised from the list
whichever is earlier.
(iii) Applications should not be submitted to more than one district in response to
this notification. If applications are submitted contrary to the above direction
and if he/she is selected his/her name will be removed from the ranked list
and disciplinary action will be taken against him/her. Candidates should note
the name of concerned District against the relevant column of the online
(iv) The selection in pursuance of this notification will be made on a Revenue
District basis, subject to the special conditions laid down in GO(MS)
No.154/71/PD dated, 27.5.1971. A candidate advised for appointment in one
Revenue district from the ranked list prepared is not eligible for transfer to
another district unless he/she completes five years continuous service from the
date of commencement of service in the former district. Even if transfer is
allowed after five years, it will be subject to the rules in GO(MS) No.4/61/PD
dated, 2.1.1961.
Candidates already in Municipal common service holding the same post
in any one district, are prohibited from applying again for this post, but they
can apply to higher posts when notified.
(v) 3% Vacancies for the post shall be reserved for eligible PH candidates
[Orthopaedic Lower
extremities (minor)& Partially deaf]
5. Method of appointment : (a)Direct Recruitment
(b) Appointment by transfer (from qualified
and approved probationers in any category of
the Kerala Municipal Common Service)
Note:- (i) 50% of the substantive vacancies shall be filled up by appointment By Transfer
and the remaining 50% By Direct Recruitment. In the absence of qualified
candidates under by transfer category those vacancies shall also be filled up by
Direct Recruitment.
(ii) In a unit of 2 vacancies, the order of rotation shall be as follows.
Ist-By Transfer Recruitment.
2nd – By Direct Recruitment.
(iii) The ratio for appointment By Transfer among Degree, Diploma & Certificate
holders in Library Science shall be 3:1:1.
6 Age Limit : (a) Direct Recruitment:1836,
ie, Candidates
born between 2.1.1976 and 1.1.1994 (Both
dates included) only are eligible to apply for this post.
Other Backward Communities and SC/ST candidates
are eligible for usual age relaxation.
concessions allowed in upper age limit, subject to the condition that the maximum age
limit shall in no case exceed 50 years of age,please see para (2) of the General Conditions
under part II of this Notification.
(b) BY transfer:The
maximum age limit shall
in no case exceed 50 (Fifty) years as on
7 Qualifications:
(a) By Direct Recruitment:- Bachelors Degree in any subject and Bachelors Degree in
Library and Information Science.
SSLC and Diploma in Library Science
SSLC and Certificate in Library Science recognized by Government
(b) By Transfer Recruitment:- Degree in any subject and Degree in Library and
Information Science.
SSLC and Diploma in Library Science
SSLC and Certificate in Library Science
(1) The qualification proposed for Direct Recruitment shall be one acquired after
undergoing a regular course of study from a recognized University
(2) Candidates, if qualified, can apply for both Direct Recruitment and By Transfer
Recruitment. But such candidates should send separate application for each post.
(3) For Recruitment By Transfer,the Rules of Reservation will not be applied and the
candidates will be advised on the basis of strict seniority assigned in the Ranked
(4) Those who apply for Recruitment By Transfer shall submit a Service Certificate as
given in Annexure 1 of the Notification from the Head of the Office concerned and
to be produced before the commission as and when the same is called for.
Name of candidate
Name of Post
Scale of pay, present salary
Date of birth
Date of joining Service
Date of Declaration of probation
The above details relating to Sri/Smt..........................................Who is an approved
probationer in …..........................................Service have been verified with his/her service
particulars and certified that the above details are true.
Date : Signature
Name and Designation
of Head of Office.
(Office Seal)
8 Mode of Submitting applications:
Candidates shall register as per 'ONE TIME REGISTRATION ' system on the Official
Website of Kerala Public Service Commission '' for applying for
the post. Candidates who have registered shall apply by logging in to their profile
using their User- ID and password. Candidates must exclusively click on the 'Apply
Now' button of the respective posts in the Notification link for applying for a post. No
application fee is required. Candidates can view and have a print-out of the details in
the profile by clicking the link Registration Card, if required. Candidates are
responsible for the correctness of the personal information and secrecy of password.
Before applying for a post, candidates must ensure correctness of the information in
their profile. They must quote the User- ID for further communication with the
Commission. Applications once submitted will be received as provisional and
particulars shall not be deleted or altered after submission. Applications submitted not
in accordance with the conditions of notification will be summarily rejected .
Documents to prove Qualification, experience , community, age etc. have to be
produced as and when called for
9 If a written test /OMR test is conducted as part of the selection, admission tickets of
eligible candidates will be made available in the website of the Kerala Public Service
Commission. Candidates are instructed to download their admission tickets as per the
instructions in the website.
10 At the time of Examination, Interview etc. Candidates shall produce a photo affixed
Identity proof in original and a selfattested
copy of the same to prove their Identity. Only
the following 15 documents will be accepted as identity proof. (i)Voters ID issued by the
Election Commission (ii)Driving License (iii) Passport (iv) Identity card issued by social
welfare Department, Government of Kerala to physically handicapped persons (v) Photo
affixed passbooks issued by Nationalized Banks (vi) PAN Card (vii) Identity Cards issued
to Government employees by the Departments/Institutions concerned (viii) Discharge
certificate issued to the exservicemen/
Photo affixed Identity Card issued to the exservicemen
by the zilla sainik welfare officer (ix) Conductor Licence issued by the Motor
vehicle Department (x) Photo affixed pass book issued by Scheduled Banks/Kerala State
bank/District Cooperative
Banks (xi) Photo affixed identity card issued by
public sector undertakings (Various companies/corporations/Boards/Authority)/Govt.
Autonomous Institutions to their employees (xii) photo affixed identity card issued by
various universities of Kerala State to their employees (xiii) photo affixed Medical
certificate issued by the Medical Board to PH candidates (xiv) photo affixed Identity Card
issued by Bar council to those who are enrolled as advocates (xv) AADHAAR card issued
by the central Government. Candidates should also enter their Register number on the
copy of Identity proof. Candidates who fail to produce identity proof and its selfattested
copy will not be permitted to attend the examination.
11 Last date for receipt of applications: 17/10/ 2012 Wednesday upto 12 midnight.
12 Address to which applications are to be submitted :