Animal Nutrition Officer (Society Category) in Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd.

Gazette Date: 15/10/2012
Last Date: 14/11/2012
Category No: 513/2012
Part -II (Society Category)
Applications must be submitted online through the official website of the Commission after
'ONE TIME REGISTRATION'. Candidates who have already registered can apply through their
profile. .
1. Name of concern : Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited
2. Name of post : Animal Nutrition Officer.
3. Scale of Pay : ` 11,450 – 22,900/-
4. Number of Vacancies : 1 (One)

Note:- (1) The above vacancy now in existence is obtained by apportioning the two (2) vacancies
reported from the Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited between General
Category (Part I) (Category for general open market candidates) and Society Category (Part
II) (Category for the employees of the member societies affiliated to the Kerala Co-operative
Milk Marketing Federation Limited) in the ratio of 1:1 with first turn going to General
Category. The vacancies for the same post if any, further reported will also be divided in the
ratio 1:1 in continuation of the division already made and vacancies for society category will
be filled from the ranked list published by the Commission in response to this notification.
(2) The ranked list prepared and published by the commission in response to this notification
shall remain in force for a minimum period of one year and a maximum period of three years
subject to the condition that the said list will not continue to be in force if a new list is
published after the expiry of the minimum period of one year of this list. Candidates will be
advised for appointment against the vacancies, which are earmarked for Society Category
during the period of currency of the list.
(3) The selection in pursuance of this notification will be made on statewide basis.
(4) As per KCS rule 184 every person appointed to this post shall from the date on which he/she
joins duty be on probation for a period of two years on duty within a continuous service of 3
5. Method of appointment :- Direct Recruitment from eligible employees of Member Societies
affiliated to Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited.
6. Age :- 18-50, Only candidates born between 02.01.1962 and 01.01.1994 (Both dates included)
are eligible for the post.
7. Qualifications :-
(1) Must have 3 (three) years regular service in any cadre in the Member society
affiliated to the Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited and should
be in service of the Member Society not only on the date of application but also on
the date of appointment to the new post.
(2) M.V.Sc in Animal Nutrition or B.V.Sc from a recognised university.
(3) 3 (three) years experience in Executive cadre in the relevant field preferably in Cattle
Feed plant
Note :-
Certificate to be produced in proof of experience shall be in the form given below.
Name of the firm
Department/Co- operative institution
Register Number :
(SSI Registration or any other
Registration Number) and Date of
Authority issued Registration :
Issued to (here enter Name and Address) ------------------------------------ ----------- ------
----------------------------- ---------------------------- ---------------------- ----------------------- ----------------
------------------------ --------------------- ------------------ -------------------- -----------
------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- ------------- -------
This is to certify that the above mentioned person has worked/ has been working in this institution as
--------------------------------------------------------------------(here enter the name of the post held and or the nature
of assignment held in the capacity) on Rs.------------ per day/per mensum for a period of -------------- years
---------------- months --------------------- days from ----------------- to ------------
Name and Designation of the Issuing
Place: Authority with Name of the
Date: Institution
(Office Seal)
Certified that Sri/Smt -------------------------------------------------- mentioned in the above experience
Certificate has actually worked /is working as -------------------------------------- (specify the nature of
employment) in the above Institution during the period mentioned there in as per the entry in the
--------------------------------- Register (mention the name of Register) maintained by the employer as per the
provision of --------------------------------------- act (Name of Act/Rules to be specified).
I am the authorized person to inspect the Registers kept by the employer as per the provision of the
Act/Rules of the ----------------------------------------------- State/Central Act.
Signature with date,
Name of Attesting Officer with
Place: Designation and Name of Office, who
Date: is the notified Enforcement Officer
as per Act/Rules
(Office Seal)
(1) Please specify the post held or nature of assignment, casual Labourer, Paid/Unpaid Apprentice/Regular
worker or Temporary worker.
(2) All Experience Certificate should be duly certified by the concerned Controlling Officer/Head of Office
of the Government. The genuineness of the certificate shall be subjected to verification and legal action
will be taken against those who issue and produce bogus certificate.
Note :- (i) Candidates will be advised alternately from the ranked list of general open market and
ranked list of employees of member societies, with first position going to general Open
Market Candidates. As in the case of all advices of the Kerala Public Service Commission
for recruitment against the vacancies of Government Departments, Public Sector
undertakings etc. the rotation will be a continuous one. If there is shortage of candidates in
the ranked list of employees of member societies, such vacancies will be filled from the
ranked list of general open market candidates. Such passed over vacancies will not be
compensated later. The rules of reservation as laid down in the General Rules 14 to 17 of
part II of KS&SSR, 1958 will be followed for appointment from the list.
(ii) The eligible employees of Member Societies affiliated to Kerala Co-operative Milk
Marketing Federation Limited who apply for the above post should obtain the Service
Certificate from the Assistant Registrar (General) showing the details of service of the
applicant, which render them, eligible to apply for the post and shall be produced when
required by the Commission. The Service Certificate should contain the following details.
1. Name of candidate :
2. Name of post/posts held by the
applicant with scale of the pay
and the Post now held and pay
now drawn by the applicant and
the period of regular service in
each post
3. Name of affiliated Member
Society in which the applicant is
employed and the date of
affiliation with the Kerala
Co-operative Milk Marketing
Federation Limited
4. Date of commencement of regular
service in the society and the post
in which the applicant is now
Certified that the above details in respect of Sri/Smt. .................................................. who is a regular
employee in the affiliated Member Society have been verified by me with the service particulars of the candidate
and that they are found correct.
Signature and Name of the Assistant
Place: Registrar (General)
Date : Co-operative Department
(Office seal)
The eligible employees of affiliated Member Societies who apply for the above post shall obtain a
receipt in the following form at the time of applying for the post from the Head of Office and shall produce the
same to the commission as and when called for.
(To be obtained from the Head of Office)
Certified that a copy of application dated...................... for selection to the post of
…..................................... on Rs. ........................ in the ............................ (Here enter the name of Co-operative
institution) notified in the Gazette dated .......................... has been received by me from......................... (here
enter the name of the applicant and the post held by him/her) and that objections if any to the entertainment of
the applications will be communicated to the Office of the Kerala Public Service Commission with in one month
from the last date fixed for receipt of applications.
Place : Name and Designation
Date : of the Head of Office
(Office Seal)
8. Mode of submitting applications
Candidates shall register as per 'ONE TIME REGISTRATION ' system on the Official
Website of Kerala Public Service Commission '' for applying for the post.
Candidates who have registered shall apply by logging in to their profile using their User- ID
and password. Candidates must exclusively click on the 'Apply Now' button of the respective
posts in the Notification link for applying for a post. No application fee is required. Candidates
can view and have a print-out of the details in the profile by clicking the link Registration Card,
if required. Candidates are responsible for the correctness of the personal information and
secrecy of password. Before applying for a post, candidates must ensure correctness of the
information in their profile. They must quote the User- ID for further communication with the
Commission. Applications once submitted will be received as provisional and particulars shall
not be deleted or altered after submission. Applications submitted not in accordance with the
conditions of the notification will be summarily rejected. Documents to prove Qualification,
experience, community, age etc. have to be produced as and when called for .
9. Last date for receipt of application : 14.11.2012 Wednesday up to 12 Midnight.
10. Address to which applications are to be sent :
11. Para 2 and Para 7 of the General Conditions are not applicable to this post.