Gazette Date: 30/03/2013
 Last Date: 02/05/2013
 Category No: 64/2013 to 65/2013
Applications must be submitted online through the official website of the
Commission after 'ONE TIME REGISTRATION'. Candidates who have already registered can
apply through their profile.
1. Department : Kerala Forest Department
2. Name of Post : Range Forest Officer (SR for SC/ST)
3. Scale of Pay : ` 20,740-36,140/-
4. Number of vacancies : SC/ST-1 (One) - Cat No.64/2013
ST only –1(One) - Cat No.65/2013
(The above vacancies are provisional subject to change according to the allotment of
seats by the Director Forest Education, Ministry of Environment and Forests,
Government of India.)

Note:- 1. The Ranked List of candidates published by the Kerala Public
Service Commission in pursuance of this notification shall cease to
be in force after one month from the date of commencement of
training or 3 months from the date of coming into force of the ranked
list, whichever is later.
2. The selected candidates shall be required to undergo 18 Months
Forest Rangers Course during 2012-2013 in any one of the State
Forest Service Colleges under the Directorate of Forest Education,
Government of India Dehradun and one year Practical training in the
department. The selection will be subject to the decision of the
Director, Forest Education Ministry of Environment and Forest,
Government of India in regard to the conduct of the course.
5. Method of Recruitment: Direct recruitment ( Special Recruitment from
SC/ST candidates)
Note:- Applications received from candidates other than Scheduled Castes/Scheduled
Tribe candidates will be rejected. Individual communications regarding the rejection of
their applications for the above reason will not be issued.
6. Age : 19-34 Only Candidates born between 02/01/1979 and
01/01/1994 (including both the dates) are eligible to apply for this post . (No other age
relaxation will be allowed)
Note:- In the absence of qualified candidates within the age limit, the upper age limit
shall be relaxed upto 50 years. But in no case the maximum age limit shall
exceed 50 (fifty) years
7. Qualifications: (For appointment from among Science or Engineering graduates)
(A) A degree in Science or Engineering from a University, Institution or
Deemed University recognized by Government of India or Government of Kerala.
(B) Physical Standard.Minimum Physical Standards are prescribed below:-
For Male Candidates
Height – 163 cm
Chest – 78.5 cm (Normal)
Chest expansion – 5 cm
All the Male candidates must qualify any of the five events out of the eight National
Physical Efficiency One Star Standard Test shown below
Items Minimum standard of efficiency
1 100 Meters run 14 seconds
2 High Jump 132.20 cm
3 Long Jump 457.20 cm
4 Putting the shot of 7264 Grams 609.60 cm
5 Throwing the Cricket ball 6096 cm
6 Rope climbing (only with hands) 365.80 cm
7 Pull ups or chinning 8 times
8 1500 meters run 5 minutes & 44 seconds
For Female Candidates
Height - 152 cms
All the female candidates must qualify in any of the five events out of the nine
specified below of National physical Efficiency One Star Standard Test.
Items Minimum standard of efficiency
1 100 Meters run 17 Seconds
2 High Jump 106 cm
3 Long Jump 305 cm
4 Putting the shot of 4000 Grams 400 cm
5 200 meters run 36 Seconds
6 Throwing the Throw ball 1400 cm
7 Shuttle race (2500 cm x 400 cm) 26 Seconds
8 Pull ups or chinning 8 times
9 Skipping (One minute) 80 times
(C) Medical Standard:- Both the male and female candidates must possess the Medical
Standards prescribed below.
1 Ear Hearing should be perfect
2 Eye Must be certified to possess visual
standards specified below without
(a) Distant vision 6/6 snellen
(b) Near vision 0.5 snellen
(c) Colour vision Normal
(d) Night Blindness Nil
3 Muscles and Joints No paralysis and all joints with free
4 Nervous System Perfectly normal. Free from any
infectious diseases(Physical measurement will be taken by the commission prior to National Physical
Efficiency One star Standard Test and Medical Standard Test. Candidates are well
advised to ensure their Physical Measurements before they apply.)
8. Competitive Examination: Candidates will have to appear for a competitive
examination to be conducted by Kerala Public
Service Commission on the Following subjects.
1. General Knowledge : 100 Marks
2. English (Essays and Precise Writing etc.) : 100 Marks
3. Any two subjects of the following : 200 Marks each
Agriculture, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Application/Computer Science,
Engineering (Agriculture/Chemical/Civil/Computer/Electrical
/Electronics/Mechanical), Environmental Science, Forestry, Geology, Horticulture,
Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Veterinary Science, Zoology. (The standards of these
subjects shall be that of a Bachelors Degree).
Note:- No candidates shall be allowed to take more than one subject of the following
(i) Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering and Veterinary Science.
(ii) Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.
(iii) Computer Application/Computer science and Computer Engineering.
(iv) Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering.
(v) Mathematics and Statistics.
Note:- Optional subjects selected for examination should be specifically noted on the
application, if not, the application will be summarily rejected.
9. Walking Test- Male candidates who come out successful in the competitive
examination must pass physical Test covering a distance of 25
(twenty five)kilometers within four hours on foot and women
candidates must cover 16 (Sixteen) kilometers on foot within 4
hours. This test will be arranged by the Kerala Public Service
Interview:- Those candidates who are qualified in the competitive examination and
physical test will be required to present themselves for an interview at the
time and place fixed by the Commission.
10. Health Certificate:- A Health Certificate (in original signed by a civil surgeon)
testifying the candidates should have hearing and General
Physical fitness for strenuous outdoor work in the Forest
Department and showing two identification body marks
should also be produced at the time of interview. The height
and chest (both normal and expanded) should also be
distinctly recorded on the certificate.
Note:- 1. Physically Handicapped candidates are not eligible to apply for this post.Note:- 2. The selected candidates will be sent by the Department before a Medical
Board to issue a health certificate and to certify that the candidate is fit to make
strenuous, outdoor work in the Forest Department for onward transmission to
the Director Forest Education, Government of India, Dehradun.
11. Candidates are required to be present for the physical Efficiency Test, Written
Test, Walking test and Interview at their own cost.
1. Examination: 2013 June
2. Physical Measurement, National Physical Efficiency One Star Standard Test and
Medical Standard Test: 2013 May
3. Walking Test and Interview: 2013 August
4. Rank list
12. Rank List of the qualified candidates will be published and selection will be
made from the list. Candidates thus selected by the Kerala public Service Commission
on the basis of the Competitive Examination, Physical efficiency test, Walking test and
Interview shall be able to join the Forest Rangers Course at any one of the State Forest
Service Colleges under Director Forest Education, Dehradun.
13. On completion of Ranger’s Course in the Forest College, they shall under go a
practical training for one year in the Forest Department.
14. During the period of Ranger’s Course in the Forest College as well as the
period of practical training in the Forest Department, the candidates shall be paid basic
pay and other admissible allowances.
15. The cost of training including traveling allowances at the rates admissible to
them for journeys or tours performed by them in connection with the training shall be
borne by the Government. Caution money and mess deposit, if any have to be deposited
by the candidate on joining the college.
16. The period spent on training in the Forest College and practical training in the
Forest Department shall be counted for leave and pension.
17. The candidates who do not complete successfully the Rangers course will be
terminated and will be discharged from service.
18. The candidates finally selected for the course will be required to execute an
agreement on stamp paper worth Rs. 100/- binding themselves to serve the Government
after completion of the course for a minimum period of 5 years. The selected
candidates are further required to furnish two solvent sureties, solvent to the extent of
Rs. 3,00,000/- or permanent Government Servants of the Gazetted rank. In the event of
failure in the examination and causing any loss to Government thereby or otherwise,
they should refund the amount to cover liquidated damages at the rate of interest of 6%
per annum on the amount spent on their behalf by Government.19. The period of probation for the Range Forest Officers appointed shall be two
years duty with in a continuous period of 3 years service.
20. Entrance and training Rules (Revised) 2004 of Government of India and draft
forms of agreement and bond to be executed are available for perusal by the selected
candidates at the office of the Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests
(Administration), Forest Head Quarters, Thiruvananthapuram during office hours.
21. Method of submitting application:
Candidates shall register as per 'ONE TIME REGISTRATION ' system on the
Official Website of Kerala Public Service Commission '' for applying
for the post. Candidates who have registered shall apply by logging on to their profile using
their User- ID and password. Candidates shall click on the 'Apply Now' button of the
respective posts in the Notification link for applying for a post. No application fee is required.
Candidates can view and have a print-out of the details in the profile by clicking the link
Registration Card, if required. Candidates are responsible for the correctness of the personal
information and secrecy of the password. Before applying for a post, candidates must ensure
the correctness of the information on their profile. They shall quote the User- ID for further
communication with the Commission. Applications once submitted will be received as
provisional and particulars shall not be deleted or altered after submission. Applications
submitted not in accordance with the conditions of the notification will be summarily rejected.
Documents to prove Qualification, community, age etc. have to be produced as and when
called for .
22. Last date for receipt of applications 02.05.2013 Wednesday up to
 12 midnight
23. On- Line Address to which applications are to be sent :
24. Sub Para VII under Para 2 and Para 5 of the General Conditions are not
applicable to this post.
25. Appointments are made subject to the rank secured in the Ranked List of
candidates prepared in pursuance of this notification subject to the conditions laid down
in G.O.(Ms) No. 142/72/PD dated 13.04.1972, G.O.(Ms) No. 309/73/PD dated
29.11.1973, G.O.(P) No. 21/76/PD dated, 17.01.1976 and G.O.(P) No. 25/94/GAD
dated, 22.01.1994 allowing special reservations to Scheduled castes/Scheduled Tribes
in accordance with the procedures made for this purpose from time to time and subject
to the rules under sections 3 (c ) 17 (a), 17(b) of Part II of Kerala State and Subordinate
Service Rules, 1958.
26. If a written Test/OMR Test is conducted as part of the selection, Admission
Ticket of eligible candidates will be made available in the Website of Kerala Public
Service Commission. Candidate are instructed to download their Admission Ticket as
per the instructions in the Website.
 (for details including Photo, ID refer to the General Conditions)