Gazette Date: 15/03/2013
 Last Date: 17/04/2013
 Category No: 32/2013
Applications must be submitted online through the official website of the Commission
after 'ONE TIME REGISTRATION'. Candidates who have already registered can apply
through their profile.
1. Name of the firm : Kerala Forest Development Corporation Limited
2. Name of Post : Manager
3. Scale of pay : ` 6675-10550/- (PR)
4. Number of vacancies : LC/AI - 1(one)

(i) The number of candidates to be included in the short list/probability list of the
above post will be decided as per the availability of admitted applications.
(ii) The above vacancy is now in existence. The Ranked list of selected candidates
published by the Commission pursuant to this notification will be valid until
candidates are advised and appointed against the vacancies earmarked for Latin
Catholic community but kept unfilled due to paucity of candidates during the
currency of the Ranked list published on 07.10.09 for the post.
(iii) The Kerala Public Service Commission shall have the power to cancel the
advice for appointment of any candidate to the above post, if it is subsequently
found that such advice was made under some mistake. On such cancellation the
appointing authority shall terminate the service of candidate, provided that, the
cancellation of advice for appointment by the Commission and subsequent
termination of service of the candidate by the appointing authority shall be made
within the period of probation or 240 days from the date of joining duty whichever
is earlier.
5. Method of Appointment : Direct Recruitment (exclusively from Latin Catholic /Anglo
Indian candidates only)
Note: Applications of candidates other than LC/Anglo Indian will be summarily rejected and
no intimation will be issued to such candidates .
6. Age: 18-38 only candidates born between 2.1.1975 and 1.1.1995
 (both dates included) are eligible to apply.
Note: - The provisional hands working in the above concern will be given age relaxation to the
extent of their provisional service put in subject to a maximum of five years from the
upper age limit provided they are within the prescribed age limit on the date of their
first appointment in the above concern. But the regular employees of the concern are
not eligible for the above concession for further appointment. The provisional hands
should obtain certificate showing the period of their provisional service in the concern
and shall produce the same as and when required by the commission. It would also be
clearly specified in the certificate that they were not working in the regular service of
the concern.
(for other candidates regarding the age relaxations please see para 2(i), (ii), (iii) , (iv)
& (xii) of the General Conditions)7. Qualifications:-
1. B.Sc (Forestry) or B.Tech Forestry from a recognized University.
2. Physical Qualification.
 a. Height - 167 cms.
 b. Chest - 81 cms with a minimum expansion of 5 cms .
3. Eye sight: Must be certified to possess the visual standards specified below
 without glasses .
Right Eye Left Eye
Distant Vision 6/6 Snellen 6/6 Snellen
Near Vision 0.5 Snellen 0.5 Snellen
Note : Each eye must have a full field of vision . Colour blindness squint
or any morbid condition of the eye or lids of either eye will be
deemed to be a disqualification .
4. Physical Efficiency Test:- Must qualify in atleast '5' out of '8' items specified
below of the National Physical Efficiency one star standard tests with
minimum standards noted against each namely ;
Sl.No. Items Minimum Standards of Efficiency
1 100 Metres race 14 seconds
2 High Jump 132.20 cms
3 Long Jump 457.20 cms
4 Putting the shot (7264 gms) 609.60 cms
5 Throwing the Cricket ball 6096 cms
6 Rope climbing (only by hand ) 365.8 cms
7 Pull up or chinning 8 times
8 1500 metres race 5minutes and 44 seconds
 5. Candidates should have good physique.
(1) Candidates should be free from apparent physical defects like knock knee, flat foot,
varicose veins, bow legs, deformed limbs, irregular and protruding teeth, defective speech
and hearing.
(2) The candidates should produce at the time of physical efficiency test a medical certificate
in original in the form prescribed, here under certifying to their physical fitness and eye
sight without glasses. The medical certificate should be one obtained from a Medical
Officer under the Government not below the rank of a Civil Surgeon.
The physical measurement of the candidates will be taken at the time of physical
efficiency test and those who do not posses the prescribed physical measurement will not
be admitted for the physical efficiency test. FORM OF MEDICAL CERTIFICATE
I have this day, medically examined Sri........................................... and found that he has
no disease or infirmity which would render him unsuitable for Government Service. His
age according to his own statement is .................................and by appearance
is ............................ and his standards of vision are as follows :
Right Eye Left Eye
1. Distant Vision ...................Snellen ................... Snellen
2. Near Vision ...................Snellen ...................Snellen
3. Field of Vision .................... .....................
 (Specify whether field of vision is full or not. Entries such as normal, good
 etc. are inappropriate here)
4. Colour Blindness ........................
5. Squint
6. Any morbid condition of the eye or lids of either eye. ............................
 He is physically fit for the post of .....................................
 Name and Designation
Place: of the Medical Officer
Date: (Office Seal)
Note: (1) Details regarding standards of vision should be clearly stated in the certificate as
given above and vague statements such as vision "normal", "average" etc will not be
accepted. Specification for each eye should be stated separately against each item, if
the specifications are not as indicated above, the officer issuing the Certificate should
notify whether the candidate has got better standards of vision or worse standards of
vision, as the case may be, otherwise the certificate will not be accepted.
(2) Selected candidates should undergo physical training and training in Forestry for
which they will be sent after selection.
8. Mode of submitting Applications:-
 Candidates shall register as per 'ONE TIME REGISTRATION ' system on the Official
Website of Kerala Public Service Commission '' for applying for
the post. Candidates who have registered shall apply by logging in to their profile
using their User- ID and password. Candidates shall click on the 'Apply Now' button
of the respective posts in the Notification link for applying for a post. No application
fee is required. Candidates can view and have a print-out of the details in the profile
by clicking the link Registration Card, if required. Candidates are responsible for the
correctness of the personal information and secrecy of password. Before applying for a
post, candidates must ensure correctness of the information in their profile. They must
quote the User- ID for further communication with the Commission. Applications once
submitted will be received as provisional and particulars shall not be deleted or altered
after submission. Applications submitted not in accordance with the conditions of the
notification will be summarily rejected. Documents to prove Qualification, community,
age etc. have to be produced as and when called for.
9. Last date for receipt of applications : 17.04.2013 Wednesday upto 12 midnight.10. Address to which applications are to be sent :
11. (a) Sub Paras v, vii, viii,ix, x, xi and xiii in para 2 and paras 5,6, and 7 of the general
 conditions are not applicable to this post.
 (b) The selection to the above concern will be subject to the rules and regulations made
 by them from time.
 (for further details see the general conditions given)